This probably should have been my first post on here, but it looks like I got a little too eager and started writing articles without even introducing myself. How rude of me.
My name is Xiamara Reyes (it’s Spanish). I’m not your average 25 year old university student (at least mentally); I double major in psychology and music, write self help and improvement blogs, have an art side-business, and have a very interesting brain…I use that term loosely because a learning disability, ADHD, anxiety, and bouts of depression are far from interesting (unless your a psych major like me). You’ll get to know me more from the blogs I write since a majority of them will be from personal life experiences.

So why The Mind Warrior? 

I’m the type of woman who likes meanings or stories behind things. I like to know how things started, how they came to be, or why a certain name was choosen for whatever reason.For this, I had spent days trying to come up with a fitting name that not only described the theme based around my blog, but also around myself. The ‘mind’ portion describes my passion for psychology and helping people with difficult situations. The ‘warrior’ portion is the most profound part, being that my first name is a variation of Xiomara, which means ‘ready for battle’, a very fitting namesake for someone who fights a lot of inner battles and difficult situations. It was then a warrior came to mind; someone who was brave, strong, always ready to take the next thing head on, and leading/guiding others on the path to ‘victory’. Well, if that wasn’t everything that described me and the theme! From that point on, The Mind Warrior was created, a blog created to help others with self improvement and mental well-being.

A little bit on how my mind works…

Aside from being a bit brash at times, I do take mental illnesses/disorders very seriously…considering that I deal with a couple myself. I know what is like to have sleepless nights because your overly anxious mind keeps you up, to not be able to sit still and focus for too long, to get overwhelmed when there’s too much, to think that you’re not loved or won’t find love, won’t amount to anything great…I suffered with these kinds of things and more for years, up until I decided to do a flip on my life and get myself out of the hole I was in. As I mentioned before, I write from personal experience, not only giving you the facts, formalities, and my input on certain topics, but real and raw situations I have personally gone through and how I overpowered them. Anyone can overcome any obstacle, you just need the willpower to do it. 

Get ready…

Brace yourself for humorous,  informational, inspirational, and thought provoking articles that are meant to challenge and empower you to reach your true potential. No room for negativity here, just positive vibes. Let’s show the world what you’re really made of, because this isn’t your final form.

See you soon! 

-Xiamara Reyes