Two sides, two meanings; one will hurt you (severely) and the other will strengthen you:

The first meaning holds you back, frozen in the presence of fire; representing the struggles and the unknown that lie ahead. You run in the other direction to find an easier way around it, but there’s still fire. You run, and run, and run, But there is no other way. The fire and smoke catches up and you are consumed by it; helpless, frightened, burning alive, suffocating…wondering what went wrong, and why everything in your life has gone to s***. There’s self doubt, depression, worry, and possibly a terrible outlook on life (personal experience).

The second meaning let’s you go, walking head-on into the fire…except…the fire does not consume you. It tries to touch you, but it retracts. you keep walking. The smoke tries to suffocate you…but you keep breathing (choking, but breathing). There are many burn scars from the past, but you wear them like trophies, for you are no longer burned by the fire…because you ARE the fire.

If you are wondering what the two meanings of FEAR stand for, here’s what they mean:

F*** Everything And Run (the one that will hurt you)


Face Everything And Rise (the one that will strengthen you)

We shouldn’t have the first FEAR meaning because life is unpredictable.

‘But isn’t that the reason why I should have fear?’

Hell no, and I’ll tell you why

First off, don’t get me wrong, it’s totally okay to be scared! It’s a natural human reaction to things that are unfamiliar and/or threatening to us. However, if you become so scared to the point of letting it control you and your actions, that’s when it becomes a problem. We shouldn’t fear the unpredictability of life because it’s in those moments where we grow and learn. If we let fear control us to the point where we refuse to move forward, we don’t make progress…we don’t experience anything. We’re stagnant.

Think of life requiring a job resumé to move ahead. A resumé shows our qualities, interests, and most importantly…our EXPERIENCES. Just like a job requires experience for employment, life also requires them for us to survive. We need the good times and more importantly the BAD times. Bad times may suck, but they are TEMPORARY. Once you have those ‘times’ under your belt, you can add that to your list of experiences. The next time that situation arises, you’ll be ready for it. 

That’s why the second meaning is so important.

When we learn to embrace the second meaning of fear, we don’t say F*** it…we FACE IT. This is the part where we get up and get angry, wiping the blood from our faces, and trudging right through the situation that knocked us down in the first place. No one said you would come out unscathed, but damn did you learn how to fight like you were. There’s no running in the second meaning of fear. Either way you look at it, you’re going through it with everything you got. With each challenge you face, you grow stronger, wiser, and learn ways to overcome it. Fear no longer controls you…you control it.

With that said, don’t let the first meaning of fear keep you back from facing whatever challenge awaits you. Don’t hinder your progress in life by standing in the same place, hoping that all that scares you passes you by…because they’ll just keep coming back to haunt you. Don’t let fear ruin your life.

Let it fuel you.