Dear men (or women),

When the woman you love has anxiety, please be patient with her. She has a thousand things running through her mind at the same which may be difficult for her to get things out. Or, she may be thinking of what to say to you over and over again in her head to make sure she doesn’t say it the wrong way. 

When the woman you love has anxiety, please don’t roll your eyes or look away  when she is telling you something, because she will immediately think that she may have said or done something wrong to upset you.

When the woman you love has anxiety, always assure her how important she is to you and how much you love her. She may need some sort of reassurance to quell the anxiety she may be feeling and thinking. Remember that actions speak louder than words for people with anxiety, seeing is believing!

When the woman you love has anxiety, she’s going to have good days and she’s going to have really bad days. Anxiety is a roller coaster always going up and down. Some days she will be super confident in the relationship, other days she may feel insecure. Some days she will sit and cry over the stupidest things, and other days she will get up and venture.

When the woman you love has anxiety, she will seek the comfort of your arms. Your loving and gentle physical touch may bring her a sense of calm. Expressing emotion through non-sexual contact is an essential part of connecting with other human beings, emotionally and mentally. Even a simple hug can do wonders for someone. Embrace her, show her that you love her, because a hug to her means a lot.

When the woman you love has anxiety, she will feel there is something wrong just by energy. Don’t keep things from her because she will dig deep to find the reasons…either within her or within you. And no one does better research and investigating than the FBI than a woman…with anxiety. Tell her everything on your mind and work it out. It’ll calm her nerves and you’ll feel better too. 

When the woman you love has anxiety, and you love her deeply, do not give up on her. She loves you as much as you do her and will do everything to make things work out. Love her more, tell her what’s on your mind, don’t hold back, be patient, embrace her, and realize that she isn’t ‘strange’ or ‘crazy’ (or whatever negative stigmas are used). She is a human just like you, she just feels the world around her more.