Look at this dang 6am beach sunrise


It’s been a while beautiful lovelies.

And what a journey I’ve been on these past few months! I’ve been gone since what…first week of April? Dang. 5 freaking months. 

There’s definitely a lot going on in the world of Xiamara. I finally finished my two bachelor’s degrees this past May, and I’m hella relieved I don’t have to write anymore papers or take anymore exams…at least until grad school! Literally the day after, I hopped on a plane with my other half, Alex, to Europe and spent almost a month exploring England and Portugal. A couple days before we left Portugal, I was asked by Alex to marry him…and you bet your damn couch I said yes. Following that (and the jet lag), I spent the rest of the summer at the most amazing overnight summer camp ever doing what I love…arts and crafts and being in nature with awesome campers and staff!.

Fast forward to now, I’m trying to plan a wedding, invest in a house my fiancĂ© is trying to purchase, and spending hours trying to find myself a perfect fit for a full time job. This is all pretty damn new to me and I feel like a baby giraffe trying to walk for the first time. It certainly is a new beginning…and I’m completely effing scared and anxious to the 100000th degree.

So join me as I try to figure out my life and try to make it in the real world through my random musings and inspiring/motivational posts, learn from my struggles, laugh at my misery, whatever.

Its going to be one hell of a ride. Let’s hope I don’t die on it.